Stephany Eley for West Melbourne City Council

Welcome to my website

            I am excited that you are interested in why I have chosen to serve as your city council representative.  I was appointed to the West Melbourne City Council in October of 2007 and elected to serve a two year term in November of 2008.  During the two and a half years I have served, I have worked diligently to research city issues, respond to the needs and questions of our residents, and become involved in community committees and organizations.


            I believe the function of our city government is to:


  • Protect our residents by providing a strong and responsive police department.
  • Provide good quality water at the lowest possible cost to our residents.
  • Provide for the safe and efficient removal of sewage and trash collection.
  • Wisely manage growth and development and help to stimulate economic development within the city.
  • Maintain and when necessary expand the infrastructure within the city including roads and water and sewage distribution systems.
  • Provide recreational services and maintain the facilities donated to the city by developers or purchased with recreational funds.

            Providing these vital and essential services must always be balanced against the financial cost to our residents.  As your city council representative, I take very seriously my responsibility to ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely and judiciously.  I believe it is my duty to help find and develop additional revenue sources to reduce the cost of city services to you, my constituent.  It is one of the primary reasons that I serve on the board of the Economic Development Council of Florida’s Space Coast and also on their tax abatement committee.


            I welcome your input and suggestions and you can reach me by e-mail at, through my City of West Melbourne e-mail, or by phone at 724-0168.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you and would appreciate your vote on November 2, 2010.

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